The secretary reports that this society has used the
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the Department of Agriculture and chief of the Bureau
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face and head with a sponge dipt in a decoction of poppy
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time to give wme water must be given and that not cold
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vered with a light garment and set in a place not hot with
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the buccal cavity the psychic deficit resulting from
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ment of this important emergency. If the book is sup
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showed the staphylococcus to be the secondary infection
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engrafted upon the human mind that do amount of persuasion
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pits and groin an incision is rarely to be made likewise
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All that is necessary is to place some recently ex
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a distinctly stimulating effect upon uterine contrac
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and that Arneth s nucleoanalytical blood picture was
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ber. A complete programme will be published in the near
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them ought both by a strict regimen to take care to pre
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organic lesion there would have been some evidence of
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The exact limits of this recurrent growth were some
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phone. An immediate response is accorded in the form of an
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visit about 3 o clock in the afternoon the left half of the
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g. Kochmann Toxicity of Salvarsan in Intravenous Injection
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man did bv the exsecration of the Prophet transmigrate
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nausea and his strength fails that by tasting a little of
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of the University of Chicago beginning on Monday Jan
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that fasting to the seventh day. Which course though a
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over the whole body. It is an equally formidable distemper
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perium are the result of gonococcus infection. Lit
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it is not now possible to state definitely whether the
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I read in one 7ord superest with the older editions.
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acidity the resulting reflex spasm caused obstruction
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arteries for mentioning the same opinion again page x6 he says At si
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the smears it occurs usually as a diplococcus or as
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strap. And there is a certain degree of pressure required
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conjugate is taken as the criterion for classification
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and laying the boy whose back is towards him in a supine
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f uestion of specialist s fees for that is a subject by
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Recent Advance in the Lav of Intellectual Property by B
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where the ciliated epithelium is not yet present to
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either side. After the twenty first day when the bone
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Dr. Hugo Schweitzer resident manager of the New York
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the acid urine. By experiments in z ifro with a one
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of pain and distress which would come on possibly half
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liberally given as it allow s a freer excretion and
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her whether she realized that this ignorance in the
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country requires power for manufacturing fuel for lighting
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and viewed the Southern Cross those who would choose not
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criminal the insane the epileptic the syphilitic and
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tacts have proved that people will not or cannot remem

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