those from syphilis. If we are to believe reports more than

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abdomen and on its anterior wall is more firmly fixed in the

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quency of the respiratory movements through the accelerating

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II. Surgery is another example of a branch of the physician s

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product whether it be the result of simple inflammation or

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monly as was found by Bouchardat 1 and many others after

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and such degrees of oligocythemia or oligochromaemia un

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tions in any case unless posterior urethritis may be so called

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pations of veterinary graduates from the land grant institutions.

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Apart from the anomalies of development presented by the

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erable tumors especially of the cervical glands and this pul

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competent in proportion to the quantity brought to it. I hold it

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been described and need not therefore take up much more of

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distinguished medical writers of the period Borsieri R. A.

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represent the profession. The development of the profession in the

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and but scantily explored. The subject is a fascinating one to

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Wood s statistics are based on the foreign results obtained with

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sion. It is suggested that this endawment might better be given to

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exhaustively into his experimentation on dogs. As his work

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institution the extent to which the work is departmentalized the

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Modern Physio Therapy a system of drugless Therapeutic

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Hughes position to be considered by the institutions in the place

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classes should be utilized for student teaching whenever possible by

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drugs on the human body particularly in disease. Drugs of

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familiar description of the purposes and objectives of the 4 year

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children shall have the right to say how many children they will

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