The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear
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every unusual departure from the usual public school routine time
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and how can they know that they will harmonize unless each
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faculties can train men who will demonstrate greater ability than
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those men making a specialty of the class of diseases in which
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it as worthy of barefaced frauds and advertising quacks your
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according to the general opinion of his contemporaries possesses
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tion at all. The theories which were brought forward from
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which ended fatally has been rather doubtful since we have
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given their attention to a morbid condition with which even the
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are many possibilities in these agencies awaiting the enterprise
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of diseases but as a class not much improvement in sanitation and
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about eight or ten days the tumors became painful almost without exception.
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martyrdom that is as useless as it is grievous. Sincerely yours
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on insect borne diseases of the human was made by Smith and
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She brought me in a prescription calling for Essence of Pepsin.
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readily acquires a following among lads of as weak or weaker
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no clue whatever to the causation of the malady when the latter
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mention that in regard to this affection medicinal treatment can
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character rather of an anatomical curiosity than of a real disease.
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activity or of anything abnormal beyond extreme paleness. The
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developed into a huge mass of fat often several inches thick and
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furnishes a further important therapeutic task where corpulence
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Another illustration shows the fallacy of the contention that the
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not interfered with. I have never myself seen a case of febrile
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nature are which determine the chronic process of inflammation
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the water supply deficient practically no provision for storing
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after that date. It is the most important feast of the
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this variety of Biermer s disease from true leukhaemia espe
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