we would gladly be informed. Why is the inhalation of a
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the number of institutions providing undergraduate scholarships
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cataract completed in a few weeks particularly if as is excep
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symptoms are so entirely those of chlorosis that the malady can
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that of dairy cattle. In tliree places where the numbers of dairy
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horribly cold blooded to advise a patient especially a woman to
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formation or the appropriation and excretion of the sugar and
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ment of which is often extremely slow and very often unsuccess
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and the results of this experimentation are of the greatest benefit
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of the rupture of arteries. Hence the tendency of corpulent
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scarcely feel tempted to refer these well marked cases of anaemic
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of a gross kind. The more uncomplicated the anaemia the
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Seven institutions report that they plan to extend their offerings
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animal experimentation does not far outweigh the good. To
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found that scoparius grown in the sun contains four times
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comparatively small power of physiological reproduction and
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but mention should be made here of the principal factors which
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chairman who suggested as an alternative that the criticisms be
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Training in the related subjects of science and art with reference
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amounts of hydrocarbons and glycogen producers such as are
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in the contest possibly the city or state medical societies could
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tint and finally breaks spontaneously. The skin surrounding
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pregnant. On the other hand it is d priori unlikely that a
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chronic coryza a conjunctivitis of chronic duration which may
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hemorrhagic symptoms malignant purpura or of febrile chlo
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Table 1. Extvnt to which the foUoirinff factors have influenced respectively
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off his roses if there had been a hundred thousand men who
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institutions reporting such workers are not members of the faculty
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fevers diseases of the spleen etc. or be of a secondary kind

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