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death rate of 16.5 in a thousand of population as against

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pathology of uterine fil roids that these neoplasms

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tion of the liver they believe is to break down dead

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office for pain in the throat radiating into the ear of that

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with reference to sources of ventilation and light.

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the user as to the quality or value of the drugs and

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with so sure a hold as to prevent it from recoiling inward

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knew before confinement that a male child would 1 e

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were dangerous and communicable and should be under

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present serious manifestations is frequently fraught

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in the latter descending in about thirty per cenr. of

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citizens in behalf of society s rights by demanding

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been served wirh such a protest. At the request of Dr. Lanctot

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second it must eliminate the toxines from the blood

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as we dropped from one fertile tropical valley into another.

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miles away does not stand up in so satisfying a way as does

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cated as cancer were unreliable as scientific data.

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rays will not affect muscle tissue or old fibrous tis

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to the extension to correct the shortening and sand

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was so deliberate and direct that Dr. Watkins and I could gain

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Moberg details his results in the Rontgen treatment of

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pulse 76 and very moderate abdominal rigidity. Upon

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Starkey also stated that a letter had been received

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Fellow of the College. Issued by Order of the Council

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season but now deserted. Here a room had been warmed

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trochanter hypertrophies and the neck tends to dis

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which would be fatal. Sometimes too when the bone is

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from one half inch to practically the whole breast

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sufficient explanation of the speedy suppression of

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other which is perforated. This is introduced transverse

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Whitaker to oro. and thev did it as a matter of plain

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cessation of the work. After one year s time it was

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and the coats separated in the same manner as directed

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carefully prepared armamentarium for blood examination.

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poured off clear. Others added the myrrh in powder after the oil was

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teemed rash because if it has been pursued from the be

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or the composition of Andron or an anthera with the ad

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know what is hurt within and from which we are either

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an honourable testimony to the extent of his learning.

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of time the alopecia could be made nt. This

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culation. That when diluted it is absorbed into the ciculation

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In most patients however the complaint is found to be de

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of the Pan American Union and to his efficient staff for

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limate we rarely meet with an abscess of the liver

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