years since a disagreeable experience in which I had nearly lost
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arc in practice required. In all the foregoing groups the require
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potions for which they definitely offer or attempt to offer training.
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The objectives of the veterinary profession fall into two groups
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sequently the drug which has been used need not necessarily be
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sional activities both in dispersed teacher training units and in
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get at them or we endeavor to render the tissues so healthy go
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portant to know the general public school teaching situation in
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miraculous vision which invests them with therapeutic
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with Leicester with only 7 vaccinations to 10 000 .
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been supposed to cause the diuresis see p. 971. But neither of
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with this small dose administered once or at most twice a week
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in the course of a few days. The amount of urine evacuated
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tion while six institutions use such classes for student teaching.
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honorable but merely that the man who resorts to these means
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body levels fell in the treated group but not in the
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Torrey on the other hand working with dogs alone found
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phatic vein and artery e it hastens absorption of exudates
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signs of drug excess in order to secure remedial effect.
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towards the end the temperature often sinks below the normal
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regarded in this light 1. Imperfect development of the body
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An editorial in the October issue of a medical journal pub
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seen in the sound potato. The form depends on the soil is the
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The time given to general methods courses is apparently much
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the sensory nerve instead of in its peripheral distribution. The
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lar behavior of the corpulent constitution with regard to inter
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I onrrt HnK 1 I. rstute Commerce Commission nnd Federal Reserve
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large automobile is always on the go. He paid me a visit this
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lot and suppotted each other through even more. Congratulations Doctors

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