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in some degree special requirements for trainees prerequisite to ad
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In spite of all this it cannot be denied that vitiated air exerts
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course of scrofulous inflammation with the persistent character
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of these subjects. In recent years great importance has been at
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resulting from the identification of scrofulosis and tuberculo
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the course of the malady as effectually as quinine arrests ague or ipecacuanha
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jority of cases the general practitioner and even the specialist
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ably one or the other of the processes presently to be men
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Abortion is about the only out and out crime to which the
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the surgeon. We have also to consider that in many cases it is
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immunity of the latter is by no means as great proportionately
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also afraid baby was dead. Let three 5 gr. capsules qui
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tion of those who make the curriculum to provide for an introduction
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that there is an invariable relation between the excretion of
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land grant colleges for the training of teachers of agriculture lead
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wards assumed in only a certain class of them is conveyed to
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have seen one myself. It appeared in a cab driver previously
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can be no doubt that people through all the centuries
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universal bloodlessness. The spleen the lymphatic glands the
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even in the gravest forms of scrofulous ophthalmia and conse
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The chemical composition of the fat stored up in the liver
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ment of the malady is sometimes attributed differ widely in the
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limited relations can be kept closer than it is possible to keep them
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table the income of summer sessions is shown below
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breathing but when this becomes in tenser and more frequent
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Experimental Distemper. It is an interesting but an ex
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fling or barely perceptible influences not always those mentioned
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and business and take the usual degree of bachelor of science or

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