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stitutional restrictions from making education compulsory in

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uses one quarter to one grain of iodoform dissolved

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increases. Wherefore nothing is to be done then besides

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greatly swollen and a physician applied a tight bandage to

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in a boy of twelve years who presented a scarlatini

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don Bailliere Tindall amp Co. 1911 for the Department of

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teriologist Pathological Division. United States Bureau

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tenderness and pain. He had eaten a quantity of figs and

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from the back of the auricle and placed in the bony

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had shown conclusively that many of the obsessions

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sequence of the resulting lateral displacement of the

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entirely the natural powers of the stomach had been so far

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speaks of the increased interest in the bearing of this

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titution has always existed in society in one form or

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playgrounds and the tennis court. Later in the afternoon

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many revelations and anxious to spend a lifetime in admiring

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Familiar language has been used in preference to scien

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balsam and two of old or cyprine oil and three parts of

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structed that it will hold the cut muscle firmly and

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been held by the University of Toronto in the wards of the

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est diplomatic standing representing us in South America.

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and statistics of the highest practical value unless penal

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ningo phylax must be put below it and above that what

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ring in this situation the effects of treatment of the

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of absence from January 10 1912 under paragraph 191

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medicine and besides that sordid wool dipped in vinegar

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tion is letting of blood. Nor is that sufficient but goat s

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voyage to the southern continent and a summer climate.

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value of the operation does not stop at a better gait

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mercurial ointment with belladonna applied over the abdomen.

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these cans not higher than six inches from the top.

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ported to the Department of Health of the City of New

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attending this dinner should communicate at once with

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aphylaxis and disease giving bay fever urticaria pellagra

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rol there was no further evidence of his chronic gonor

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fever it even does good if a fever follows it it is mortal.

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strictly protein regimen drank hot water continued the

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is of interest in that clinically it presents phases in

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