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be made out in the lower abdomen half way to umbilicus.

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There was some conversation in French Portuguese Spanish

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vedo. This obstructs the nostrils blunts the voice raises

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cured at the sanatorium before tuberculin was used

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teriological examination of such water has not pro

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rubbed and particularly when we want to make a deri

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nor drink cold to abstain from every thing salt acrimo

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very thin shell some showed a well marked operculum

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and thirst after that in the distempers themselves moder

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or the drawing up of pus behind some band of adhesion or

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tirely broken but the external part of the j w swells so that

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recognizable. The glands are still tortuous but the epithelial cells

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widely appreciated both as a means of mental training and as

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land conmiunication between west coast of Peru and Iquitos

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times even in the forehead and then being drawn out

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own profession for pharmacy should pay the small license fee

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terextending and reducing at will. The illustration

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that it has an adhesive consistence which is not to

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and commonly also tonics as iron and quinine and change of

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our own times as appears b their celebrating sculapius

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still using laboratory technique which should be dis

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cure for he imagined this to be a distemper of the liver

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context is taken and also that these words. Sanguis e naribus are not

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of rubber tube. 5th It furnishes upon autopsy a large percentage

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out and to be afterwards treated with the same warmth

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Civil Service Commission announces that among the po

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tained with the d Arsonval Registering Chronometer Relative

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sufficient it must be stopt and an end must always be put

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strength will admit of it if that cannot be done a clyster

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these nurses were entirely unsuspected and six w ere

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The operation differed in no way from that in the sixth

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rate the intestines from the inferior parts is either first in

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bridge discusses the four varieties of bacteria asso

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and there was slight ulceration at this point. On the

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emphysematous and he had the typical signs and symp

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day following an agglutinating plaister should be applied.

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wood jar raisins soft eggs dates pine nuts white olives

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While it might strike the ordinary mind that a medical

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on one side and it was then found that ovarian cysts had developed

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same liquid cerate must be added washed lead or myrrh

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Some Factors Influencing Health in Tropical and Sub

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are as yet not a large number of cases to prove it

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