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studies were important in establishment and seven institutions in

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ness alluded to above may rather be said to occur as accidental

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ing. Thus the permission granted to use part of the Nelson appro

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wonderful inhaler in another a fakir demonstrates his long

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destruction in the diabetic owing to its greater lability which

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tutions. The welfare of the pupils in training schools must be safe

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specially liable owing to his habit of inferring the existence of

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its own anything that it may consider beneficial for the cure of

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cious anaemia from our consideration. Of course I assume that

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and a few fields they probably represent with fair accuracy what

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such conditions. It is interesting to note however in administrative

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their chastity. This however does not falsify the observation

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Agricultural and Meohanioal College of Texas. We retain the ablest In

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accelerates the downward rush of blood in the lower part of the

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affects the mental moral and physical well being and may save

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too exclusively albuminous diet either constantly or for a long

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officers of both home economics and of education divisions. Prob

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with the other invigorating conditions of life in a health resort

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daily and Lebert 1 of a Deputy of the Paris Constituent Assem

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physicians but they didn t even obtain relief. One patient a

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helpless efforts to control her limbs and raise her wasted carcase.

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would seem that weakness of the memory in particular occurs

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which befell those who sought to defraud St. Fides in

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with very few restrictions to the granting of Federal moneys under

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nationality or religion. Children had to keep absolute silence in

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in the name of God should the two professions be continually

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a surplus for the loss by perspiration or for accumulation in the

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proof of this consult the census. The days of large families

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It is scarcely necessary to state that this man with whom we

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In the metabolism experiments performed with a view of

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as applied to prospective teachers. It is a reasonable proposal for

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