more other subjects such as science and they are often called upon

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though still in a measure quite incapable of causing pain to the

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United States now has more physicians per 100 000 population thfli

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Graph No. 2 gives a concise and clear picture of the numbers of

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imbedded in the exuberant fat cushion which encloses it on all

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forces induce the occurrence of corpulence at unusual periods

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animals is eminently at the expense of a function of the whole

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very well and many of them indeed according to my expe

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discovery was not widely spread among physicians and partly

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nant and puerperal women I am unable to decide whether they

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is well printed thruout in the dulcet castilian but contains more

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stimulus to the activity of the kidney i. e. through specific

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are not sooner carried off by somo complications are wrecked at

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or somewhat dilated always shows traces of fatty change p.

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a division of chemistry. Departmental distribution was not reported.

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much more rarely than among the poorer classes. On the inti

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gonorrheal preventive has been practically solved in the introduc

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of such major units among the State universities than among the

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of the disease had been present fiftec n years before and who

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body become that when the feast of the Nativity drew

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minations in four cases which were all those of adult men

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and in other organs. Pretty frequently fatty degeneration appears to a moderate

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dose may unhesitatingly be given without previous dilution.

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debility little hope of recovery was entertained. Now 1 20 gr.

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insufficiently heated and those nerve ends by which we appre

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I always be my best friends. Maybe now I can buy the beer.

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ment he uses every agency that he thinks might help to correct the

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established in connection with the use of typical pulblic schools for

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residue and the ravages of age are materially stood off.

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supervened in consequence of unknown causes upon an ordi

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tasks w hich workers were to perform before they set up training

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and there is no knowing how much further we may go. You on

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veterinary has been the object of valuable communications and

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