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would seriouslv affect perhaps twenty five thousand phy

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state is to prevent avoidable disease and nothing in

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jurisprudence department of the medical school in marked

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held in Chicago on Monday and Tuesday February 26th

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ture on Some Recent Methods of Treatment for Malig

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nancy. Since however thorough palpation and examina

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I death Mauritius Nov. 17 23 7 cases 3 deaths Natal Durban

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level of the nipple. On percussion the left side of

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artery. A fusiform aneurysm about three fourths of an

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for recent wounds must be applied and over them must

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in the surf. It was an excursion that left one confused by its

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varsan the patient experienced a feeling of return of the

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by an operation or by medicines ought to be moist the

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diseases of without a blow blood must be taken from

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he could not make out an object even when held close to

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while short periods of rest show very little effect

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one on an old man who was suffering with acute obstruction of

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dura which naturally necessitates tlie operation of laminectomy.

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method of preventing this fever is by distillation of

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Special Reference to Disinfection and Sterihzation. Witlj

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use frequent vomiting and if there is reason to apprehend

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be lifted as high as possible on the chest and bound

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struction that later gives rise to more or less atony

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has cooperated with the Normal faculty in the work deal

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sults or symptoms are at least arrested surgical if

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dom. He established schools and in general promoted the

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outside of a certain territory are charged by mile

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ently indicated that simple gastrointestinal autoin

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be however this is a certain sign of the bath s being

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be attained until private slaughter houses had been

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Then the one who occupied chair number two received his

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countries it finally emerged from its formative struggles and

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been traction on the ileocecal valve from the cecum

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as negative. It will be seen that the clotted cells

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Ecuador Dec. 1 15 22 cases 10 deaths Venezuela Sabana Grande

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to empty the cavity and establish a thorough drainage the point

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mastery of technique which we associate and rightly with

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ated on as a rule but enlargements due to infection

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points of trouble particularly volvulus. The sigmoid

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ability of the kidneys. In this drug we have a non

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and it is especially laudable in a practical art which is

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of bacilli or other tests. All attempts to obviate de

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universities particularly those at Bahia and Pemambuco.

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lowing these visits will result in a cessation of their

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