weight and hypotonus of the abdominal wall. Attacks of

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of life he has pursued laborious or sedentary luxurious

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the lips it fills the nostril at other times reaching back

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hysterectomy. This patient bled for nearly a year in spite of all

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ease. In the writer s case Sprudel salts were given

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various countries in South America Spanish is generally spoken

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this with some other contributions will enable them

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and safety. I was not without apprehensions in the first place

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with that condition and never received the preferred title.

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drawn and she was placed on a light diet and on the

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The defendant Reed was condemned to pay the costs of the

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manifestly unfair presentation of the case is shown

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that the fatality of the serum treated cases varied

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one person will take to heart this warning that all

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in vain those of a contrary nature give relief. But it is

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paring these several descriptions whith it is needless to enlarge upon

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the fact that what is apparently gastric disease is

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patients are to be kept in bed for about seven weeks.

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the same as in other burns. When the ulcer shall be clean.

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to both the patient is not able to swallow either food or

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chiefly in the neck but also in the armpits the groin and

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long as an outlet for the instinctive escape from its

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new and old. are without this most needed sanitary pre

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sons to breed children who must become prostitutes

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closed with wire with the result of a perfect cure.

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then anoint and afterwards bathe eat moderately and

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ters broth and beef tea. Shall we continue this treatment now

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made in the domain of syphilis within the last eight years.

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neither be overheated nor suffer by cold from the sudden

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show the presence of the pneumococci. Such completely

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various organic affections of the cerebrospinal axis

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