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des erved most careful consideration by practitioners

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destroyed as to justify restraint This can only be learned by

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also that begins after the twenty fifth year is difficult to

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mitral stenosis and regurgitation flat pelvis with 9 cm.

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the hernia contained either tube and ovary or a portion

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engaged for a year by the liginata then for the same

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vaccine therapy nor is it asserted that the various

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I tried what I then thought a new and original plan. Having

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lives is the outcome of vivisection. The anti vivisectionist

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motion before the intestines have fully recovered their

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be frequently restrained by a spunge dipped in vinegar

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Gold Star. The quicksand like bottom of the Cut is being

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a promising field the silk must be boiled for twenty

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the paper in surgical anatomy and certainly think that a mere

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of age were attacked by the disease. The first six were brushed

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and fetid of no consistence but like water in which re

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of the present state of advancement in both the principles and

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County of New York at the New York Academy of Medici ne. Ftb

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of Medicine 180. Petropolis 184. A surgical clinic

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wounds which make the razor slashes of our nonvoting voters

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II cases of secondaries showed alleviation 81 percent.

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corresponds to an annual death rate of 15.39 in a thousand

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lactoxine and he thinks that the streptococcal ana

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should be emphasized until the girl herself appreci

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was very tender to touch. It was irreducible and gave a

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was noticed that the feet and hands were cyanosed. The

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in a letter see p. 466 refers us to the publication

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and from that time on it ran a very irregular course

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This clinic is for the poor and deserving and is supported by the

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continued to complain of headache all over the head and

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lished. Other factors important to the practical ap

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bearing upon the clinical value and practical appli

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tion finishing with the application of a sterile pad.

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at the Hotel Central. The Norwegian Minister Mr. Herman

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called together the group of leading surgeons of La Paz to

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he said O look at the mice. After this he said he saw

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prove salutary or when the patient considering the time

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tion with John Cruickshank Charles G. A. Chislett Walter

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altered resistance of the red cells is to be regarded

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practise medicine let her prepare herself properly in

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treatment of appendicitis but to the existence of an

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liest remedies for lues and it was part of the belief

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