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duced sharp pain that was accurately located by the

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the important diameter the biparietal. he advised a

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cultures is a necessary part of pathological routine

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of cure. The bone too is often broken away when the skin

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the bath is useful. The food ought to be of the middle

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that T favor leaving an eye in the socket that we are

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tions by olTering more or less resistance to exten

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so that it can successfully withstand the injection

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substance of great importance for nutrition in that

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failures to induce analgesia after injection. Anal

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from above by carelessness. All the old editions and MSS. have item

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passive movements he did so satisfactorily. Station with

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mouth be opened again and then lie must introduce ano

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nearly eighty years with senile gangrene of the foot.

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River south of Lawrence Point near Hell Gate. To the

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Soon our speaker oa this occasion was in the midst of his

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sensory fillet in the ventral portion of the lateral

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purification works after several governiuent insti

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vomit has thick froth on the surface which swells and looks like

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femoral hernia is quite as amenable to operation as

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minous kind or those greens that pass quickly through

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of us at the Home for Consuinptives Chestnut Hill. The

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either loads the praecordia or suffocates the tauces or is

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a knowledge of this language will also enable them to commun

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ness there is an absolute necessity for it it is better to give

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agreement will soon develop that will make us the closest

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is to be introduced into the nostril and loosely tied at the

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that the air is of a character that makes the people

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tastasis. The tumor was evidently of the type of carci

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said he had to confess that at first he was not very

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cological Agents Obtained from the Tropical Toad Bufo

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of the wound. But if the weapon is to be broug it back

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through the ureteral orifice. If the ureter.excretes

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great majority of graduates put out their shingles without ever

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should it be for a father to sit quietly by and real

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gen rays in use at the dermatological clinic at the

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