homogeneous Avhether it be reddish or bloody or white or

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quinces or myrtles gt or of roses S bitter oiH leaves

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This abscess was opened freely in the most dependent part

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half inch from the torn margin and when ready to be removed

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fortable bungalow located on one of the smaller islands where

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prepared is applied. After operation the patient is

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through a partially dilated cervix and tearing away

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the neck has great facility of motion. And indeed it

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times it has no peculiar characteristic to distinguish it at

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of the astringent vervains and to apply a cataplasm com

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a clear picture of all the cases that vere formerly

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reaction on the first day she appeared quite well but

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marks of an approaching illness I shall commence the me

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to answer questions. The right arm and right leg were

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tages. A large amount of material has been introduced by

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the veins under the tongue white the nails of the hands

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you found it advisable to withhold during the menstrual

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from fractures and dislocations they are to a much great

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a great agricultural future. In general the people are like

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artery. A fusiform aneurysm about three fourths of an

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Clinical. ssistant in Pediatrics University ollege of Medicine.

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the subject. From the report of the last Committee made in

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minora and for one half inch on both sides of it the skin

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of medicines ordered clysters not so frequently as they

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under the care of Dr. Jharles Fife was transferred to the

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Dr. Mitchell had observed the infrequence of chorea amongst

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tent people friendship for a people who take time to be polite

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other parts of the mouth. However it is highly proper to

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occasions due to occluded tonsillar crypts and presuming

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Fig. I. Showing six points of insertion for needle in anesthetization

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part it is and that when the viscera happen to be exposed

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at Guaruji a suburb of Santos located across a neck of land

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and cannula are introduced into the sixth or seventh

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without.it and he who will not restrain an injurious appetite

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er board formed by natural channels. La Plata Zoologi

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ing the patient a hypodermic injection of some good

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fruitful source of disease existed in each of these

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appears red and is neither too dry nor too moist. But

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starting all patients on an exceedingly small thera

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interests and these must be managed by empire building men

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more scientific plan of offering a composite picture of the

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Autointoxication. Read before the Sixteenth International Medical

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and a violent headache and also from severe palpitation of the

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being directed against the criminal and not against

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childhood. Commenced to menstruate at L8 years of age and

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it must be prest down with a considerable force that it may

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l gt ecause although the uterus can easily be replaced

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only by disinfection or a further effort in the shape

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Of late our attention has been directed to a patho

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easily bear what is to be long endured. For this reasou

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