cently provided for the notification and registration
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course of which he laid stress on the point made by
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it has remitted and the body is as sound as it generally is
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ing. The other methods laid down for the preceding day
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Near by let there be an institution of the first class
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Of late our attention has been directed to a patho
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seals will cost one cent each and will be put on letters
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ed. Pus is very thick and white also more glutinous than
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tatively diminished perhaps fortunately so from the
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this is stopt because there is no more attraction it then
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known as the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and Pre
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If there are also foul ulcers it is better to wash them
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indigestion with frequent biliary colic need not here
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tirement from active service of Colonel John Van R.
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seems to me to be highly probable that this current of cold air
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that were so definite that the onset the course the
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not been translated and made accessible to the English
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is discussed by the application of resin. Warm food and
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water but neither every day nor long at a time lest the
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sponge and putting under the nostrils a narrow mouthed
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ordered tn the marine recruiting station Baltimore
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rule the gastric disease antedates and is partly re
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strong and the patient in a day and a night may very
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an abatement of the fever the external surface of his body
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any abatement had become manifest a change was made
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through drawing a thread after it then to lay aside the
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Grapples. And while fevers are increasing this is the
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and a half inches of rectum includin anus excised for cancer. The
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cause they fail to isolate the causative organism or
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a definite disease but a variation from the average
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cresses powdered with vinegar. It is good also to eat lupines
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these reports or else by special telegraphic infor
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officials to the executive apartments. There we were met by
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But if a physician has not been called on the day that
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of motion smoke dust and whatever excites either cough
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Journal of the Medical Sciences February 19 11. 22 EMERY.
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effects of the anesthetic is very frequently the fac
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sibilities were unknown or at best only guessed at.
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photographed. Within forty eight hours the parts cleared
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through the stomach and the intestines by diffusion
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silence are necessary. The patient s head when he lies

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