the building which is one story in height is that nearly
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employed the industry of his learned commentators. The
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not experienced any very warm weather. In the early morning
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itself externally tor it sometimes swells to a pretty large
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of the uterus is followed by abdominal palpation to
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similar institution in this country or any other. During the
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out of five cases of prostatic enlargement carcinoma
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those structures which are in contact with the neck
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of accumulation the ascites of tuberculous peritoni
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may not only show no cachexia hut even present a rosy aspect.
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Journal of Infectious Diseases March 1911. BUTLER. Journal
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a slight fever comes on and when this distemper grows
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tein may be derived from the several tissues of the
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on it for a long time and all the other directions observed
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of contrary medicines by which at this time some recover
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Proposed by Dr. Lanctot seconded hy Dr. Bonin That the
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tastes his standpoints and his ability to appreciate.
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boy begins to take on the physical features of man
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of pain upon pressure 2 the absence of any tumor and
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indispensable a condition of our social life as has
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parts which dead bodies will show better than a living
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Questions for discussion in this department are an
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of the process hence the resirlts were much better in the
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the mouth as also for one who changes either his air or
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cornea too large to permit each occupant to have daily intercourse
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is rupture of the intestines w ithout injury to the
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sinuses are found in twenty five per cent of cases
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two inches from the anus consisting of an annular pro
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ous and progressing it was evident that the only chance
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cally or surgically there is certainly great oppor
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even extinguished. In regard to salvarsan. he says
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apply that then to have two pieces of cloth which are
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even during the fever to give three or four cyathi of mulse
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accurate knowledge of the use and abuse of alcoholic drinks
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antecedents which give cause to apprehend distempers en
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with tuberculin and finds that the reports are very
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view of determining the value of intestinal antisep
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when there is only a swelling and redness and the rest of
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attacks ran as high as 56 to the minute. During this same
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that have been employed. There is considered the treat
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his anatomical lectures he explained it as an inverted uterus which he

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