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has a therapeutical influence upon an experimental

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clinic. He is not only a teacher but an original in

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thus Cicero in an epistle to Lentulus says Sed vellem non solum salntis

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then came down to normal and remained so. At the end of

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Wiley were Dr. William M. Polk and Justice Frederick

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another person move it and so return it to its ordinary

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was one of five children who were all healthy. She was

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amenable to at least a fair degree of dilatation and

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tised medicine till learning began to be pursued with

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this case the cyanosis was but slight at the time of

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ical medicine there are many subjects of interest and im

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this a layer of absorbent cotton to hold all in place.

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joint disease at the present time as was the case formerly.

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penecillum squeezed out of a warm decoction of myrtle

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Case I. Man fifty six years of age who for the past

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nature and develop high ideals there should be left

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