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be used for drink but water. And witb respect to diet
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ness or any paralytic disorder. But where there are fe
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F. there frequently being an afternoon rise the pulse
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These several parts of the b.uhs were variously used according to the
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enthusiasm. There was the feeling of having received a
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dicular line in the harbor of Valparaiso. Realize that during
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Dr. Shepherd exhibited the following specimens all from sub
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i necessary to understand clearly the difiference be
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American Society of Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis.
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from the bladder costus nard cmnamon liquorice root bal
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scientific study. He distinctly recalled three cases
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tion of the blood especially in the capillaries and
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ti enic even if the gland is not markedly enlarged.
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should be directed towards the possible not the impossible.
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the obstruction at each of the several points usual
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metritis endometritis complicating myoma and dysmenorrhoea
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sluggish in the right hand. On voluntary effort there
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to 200 c.c. of this solution according to the extent
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Lent. The ball afforded us an opportunity to watch the smart
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luding the first shock of the distemper that there may be
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every eight hours alternating with the irrigations.
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lower part of the abdomen a firm pillow is nlaced to
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a hemina of wine and savory eaten plentifully. And let
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has had tuberculosis and the difficulty of obtaining
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spindle cells. From the first to the eighteenth day
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Etiology and treatment of Lacerations of the Cervix Uteri.
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ployed in their bacteriological examinations is given
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In a bird s eye view of this Chilean business center one will
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medical department with approximately the same number of
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of practitioners and had only succeeded in discovering five or
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g. Otto Goetze Use of a Perforated Drill for a Puncture of the
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pears in the superficial layers and then in the lumen
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earth and everything that creepcth upon the earth but
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afterward. Dating from the attack to the cessation of f
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and a separate chapter on the mental and emotional as
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new light and not infrequently leads to fierce con
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age that is from the eighteenth year to the thirty fifth.
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the best way to civilize a man was to begin with his
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pher poet but on a number of occasions on this remarkable
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I omitted to give Dr Mackenzie credit for an observation not
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ternal next the side and the external at the greatest dis
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of South America. In some parts of South America the spirit
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approaching fits to be easier insomuch that Hippocrates
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extension of it should be undertaken in order that it might
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cerate applied made of myrtle oil with the addition of a
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it upon live coals fumigate the wound with it keeping a
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Acting Demonstrator of Gross Morbid An Ttoni gt Mcdic il Department
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