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whole body but principally those parts that have been in

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missioned and other officers serving in the Public Health

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agents in this disease recrudescences were common. In

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tion shows fields of normal secretion surrounded by

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and completely equipped including lunch rooms where

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entirely to rest or if that is difficult to walk gently then

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amongst the ancients. He is so often quoted with ap

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If vinegar is offensive pure oil of roses must be used. If

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of genius. Others esteem it no diminution to be placed

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the building which is one story in height is that nearly

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the external beauty of the different countries and with the

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to save the life of the patient. He also said his fee

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and that there were many ways in which this silence might occur

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nerally takes its rise from the head and thence falls

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is more disturbed by the light and another by darkness

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Celsus calls an erysipelas ivnis sarer whereas he has erysipelas under its

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this bleeding is useful. If there be any reason against that

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seaside resorts. It is considered by many travelers the most

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Taility of a subsequent curative action seems greater

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a fever if it quickly ceases if upon feclinp the belly there

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in a rank below the writers above named. Without doubt

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negative findings in the cerebrospinal fluid in this

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sometimes it is broke entirely through. If the whole is

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we think and once begun it would probably be finished.

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logical and pathological department of the service upon

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medical society to meet a homoeopath in consultation A unani

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remove that. But if there is neither an inflanmiation nor

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of early operation in cases of suspected convulsions

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blood cultures from the ear at certain intervals in

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anide do not influence the mechanism of the allergic

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On the contrary if the glans be covered so that it can

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on our comfortable ship. On this occasion the evening was

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the scientific side as to the origin and second from

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shorter and wider and shows itself above the neck of the

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ceedingly hazardous and as a matter of fact ligature after

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feet and hands cold with the belly and sides hot or for

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by any one about to enter upon the actual work of the Hospital

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irart above the flesh broader at the skin smaller above.

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If they are swelled from a blow it is necessary to let

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vutctl cntn cly to rheumatism even to the Practical

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advanced toward civilization and particularly since

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Miller a benefit certificate was issued in the sum of 1 000

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But on the contrary if the body incline to discharge

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between the glands usually had oval or round vesic

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dents of no place in particular and were nonpartisan

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a coffee plantation belonging to the government. We lunched

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up exposing the temporal bone. No fracture of the ex

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bites on the previous day and that they were sever.ely pain

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