tions may be present in great number without causing any dis
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Table 2. Average number of days devoted to instruction and to holidays and
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mentary and junior high schools as well as with that of the best
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tuberculous infections are the carriers of tubercidons vims.
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mained an hour to watch progress. Dilatation progressing
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ondary schools. Since the arts and science subjects are in these in
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disturbance of nutrition many authors have endeavored to detect
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prant institutions report membership in the Pacific Coast A.ssocia
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most common form of mercury used internally the patient be
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State plans and establish courses 3 assist in conferences 4 per
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discoveries and such as still serves as the point of departure for
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in the manufacture of Weld s syrup of iron chloride
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at the place attesting the sale of slaves to Serapis. The
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The hereditaiy tendency to corpulence frequently appears
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Prevention of Conception a Social Necessity and Duty.
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use but one drug at a time. Drug is riever synonymous with
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One must not believe therefore that in every case of scrof
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If many more vocational schools are established which seems prob
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appearance generally considerably increased in size v sometimes
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to be of proper strength when made but the active principle had
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cases of abnormal corpulence or with discussions concerning the
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A reason is given for delay in curing. The lapse of
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The Federal board by the provisions of the act makes studies
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from our people and our future. We will rally the world to this
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the cervical more rarely of the axillary or inguinal glands
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highly impaired nutrition in the first place chiefly by the dis
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find an explanation which is not forced and which tallies with
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of wholesome milk by the consumer. The cow is not only less
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and conceived by mothers whose virginity of soul is sullied by
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and enfeebling all classes. Myriads unsuspected and unsus
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One or two hours later a hyperleucocytosis always occurred
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Hallberg not Dr. Wiley but Dr. Robinson asked that the former s
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edge of a century ago. None of us believe him infallible noi
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teenth century though he be still deeply stirred by those pri
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PAP smears which increased by 12 percent and tetanus shots
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Table 8. Present membership of the veterinary profession
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chronicler a local demon Menuthes who is identified
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idea of a strict line of demarcation between functional and or ganic.
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in teacher training 16 report no changes contemplated and no
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up by the way. His father seized it in l oth hands
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conditions in which pregnancy would threaten life but then aa
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very great degree and who possess a sufficiently powerful
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Table 32 analyzes the duties of staff membecs in commerce and
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The mercenary aims of the saints are not obtruded on

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