and especially if it be fetid. And it is also extremely bad
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tension or handle is introduced into the vagina the
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insects and often against the green of the mountain the won
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up to date. The new section on the diagnosis of syphilis
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in one in the nasal discharge. Three other rats were
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ment is undoubtedly slow and not very satisfactory
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far have been as follows For men 1.5 gramme neosal
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normal conditions that we are justified in designat
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inconvenience and humiliation involved. This mode of election
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at one sometimes there are immense corn and wheat fields
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from the site of Bahia although several other Portuguese
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the diet should be conformable to the directions we have
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two species of this for in some the deception arises from
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ness and certainty upon the question involved. He would
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cause of the prevalent belief that alcoholic liquors possess the
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possible was done by both the government and the medical
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cumspection lest the angle of the chisel chance to wound
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tient must be shook gently w hich causes all the intestines
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chel Pinzi Stephens and Morgagni s manuscript exigit for excipit.
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and by depressions which they have on each side they re
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Education Committee of the Medical f ociety of the County of New
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should be made below it and after cleansing it a spunge
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space corresponding to the cotyloid cavity and which it is pro
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from a transfusion of the blood into the arteries and that
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the faculties are exceptionally strong. While it was vacation
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pecially if in the beginning of tlje distemper they bad dim
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fornia and directed to report at the Bureau for duty.
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medical men of eminent standing at great cost to prove
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which the ancient phj sicians prescribed are hurtful to the
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severe pain in the hypogastrium. She hao vomited ana
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days previously she was seized with acute abdominal pain
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the enlargements following persistent rheumatic in
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The senses are excited by catmint thyme savory hys
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ances of the Eye Journal of the American Medical Association Iv
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ysms come on in different manners in the same distemper
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hospital and I operated upon her an hour later. I made
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AJT HEN we had fully enjoyed the great ship and had been
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is sufficient to scrape and smooth it. Though these me
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nearly the whole of the Borough of the Bronx that part
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was sick after and probably vomited the pill. He retched
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condition reflects most creditably on the zeal energy
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or imtil the two moimtains have been hauled away. After
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and conditions so as to enable the physician to treat the
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of lather flour and water paste by the barber and an attempt
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said to have been discovered by the case of a certain boy
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separate building for septic cases and one for dis
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Dr. Thorowgood contributes an epitome of the physical
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you found it advisable to withhold during the menstrual
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lymphatic glands situated in the cellular tissue between the

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