in which the iron must be combined with other remedies. It is

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the doors wide open to the rankest kind of substitution. This

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institutional activities many of which pre competing for funds

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and they are then not infrequently the immediate cause of death.

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tendency to bleed should be so exceptionally pronounced in the

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little. Perhaps this accounts to a considerable extent for the loss of

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diminishing the abnormal secretion itsylf than by dissolving

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salines she is making a fine recovery. This would indicate that

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rejoicing he set forth for his own people and wrote on

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sixmillionth of a grain is you will admit a pretty small dose.

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power of the Cross. He had a disease of the feet and

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decrees of a false shameless hypocritical society that makes of

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Hepatica P. D. s Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil Abilena and Oxgu

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hand the variations occasioned by the meals are less pronounced

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disputable fact that it requires a considerable sum of money to

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approved with the greatest satisfaction. It is advisable also to

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of busines.s in 1925 and 11 schools in 1926 and 1927. Their results

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deal of editorial work for several other journals is certainly an

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waters without allowing the other accidents of the cure the

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of Darmstadt and Merck amp Co. of New York the largest if not

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the deans on all four qualifications with the exception of di ase

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rosis with scorbutic symptoms running a subacute course

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the sacred oil from the church lamp. Pilgrims often

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still into his patients some of the hope on which this class found

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cretin and moral imbecile can be satisfied with conditions as they

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lus stuffed their patients with creosote until their gastrointes

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masquerading as a science for more than a century What

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must never be neglected in ordering fatty articles of diet. Fat

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has transmitted the predisposition to the offspring and it seems

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prenticeship. Four institutions send their students out as appren

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objection that valuable time may be lost in defibrinating the

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consider every cheesy pneumonia as a scrofulous one.

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The human race has one really effective weapon and that is laughter.

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one or that a veritable Colossus of amplitude is of unfrequent

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be the effect is the same a spot of lowered vitality which should

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necessary to sofcial progress necessarily involves human life. It

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spring in each case of adiposity. It is not always sufficient to

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indication only and not an accurate measure since the courses

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as has been done by Wunderlich for it occurs also in those cases

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ler hours credit required In commerce and business excluding economics and

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Elimination of competition for students ns between major divisions

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at the meeting held in Washington of the American Medical

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their disposal against threatened excessive corpulence in cer

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information which we in a true altrurian spirit will share with

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scorns to abuse and waste in wantoning he will never look up

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