ipitutions in regard do these questions and in what ways are hese

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the department of education exercise this function.

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extremely rare cases the term Polydipsia may be retained while

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time after extirpation of the liver and finally to still other forms

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sequences while of some value from the expenmental viewpoint

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treated their patients according to fixed and unvarying

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reports the buildings used for clinics are all quite satisfactory as

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suitable nay they are even to some extent contra indicated

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cination. The poison of tuberculosis which can produce some of

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injected under the skin in a centimetre of water and absorbed into

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excess of loss of semen leads to an exhausted state of the

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sue fatty tissue according to the other Flemming in the

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the town kept the revenues from houses of ill fame. And it is

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well intentioned people who are striving to open the eyes of the

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irritate the skin and give rise to intertrigo eczematous eruptions

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stitution and combined with other homologous affections or

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trial of iron is not followed by an increase of the fatal tendency

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always seems able to appease the hunger for a short time only.

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appearance the peculiar smell and especially its high specific

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easily removed from the cut surface by a gentle stream of water

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received stating the total paid in salaries of teachers of education.

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ful faces moist eyes sad voices which reveal danger and doubt

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Far less common in chlorotic subjects than this fatty change

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and grateful to the patient. Some patients on the other hand

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or a narrowly vocational program. At the same time they would

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of the menstrual discharge is of great interest from this point of

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With Special Reference to Proprietaries. A Summary of 500 Prescriptions.

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organization meet the needs of all the States. The growing pro

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the pagan priests. The absence of scepticism in the

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To summarize Lodge and medical aid society practice is an

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examination it is manifest that the redder spots correspond more

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expense of the body these are the chief causes that favor the

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has created conditions and requirements not provided for by

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Human beings are not animals and they should have a right

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Hundreds and thousands of fancies fears superstitions errors

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conceive of the whole high school program as revolving about the

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that agriculture is recognized in the rapidly developing junior col

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must therefore content myself with a rough sketch of the shape

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pulling Is this forever going to be the fate of human endeavor

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service in several of which only college graduates could qualify as

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for shop teaching. Communities would freq uently do better to allot

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Careful examination of these statements will show that many of the

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omitant its outbreak in model stables and its close connection

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tical language. God speed to your work There was one

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and water. Under other circumstances however and more fre

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digestion late dentition rachitis and which should in no wise be confounded

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health. I have already had occasion to point out that preg

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In this list of remedies exclusively Homeopathic all but two

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