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THE first city I visited was Guayaquil the principal port

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The after treatment consists in carbolized or thymolized tepid

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is mirtazapine like valium

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to take both acrid food and stronger wine. Such then are

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western and central Andes running from 7 500 to 14 000

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end of ninth month from sharp shooting pains commencing in

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that seed in the ovary of the flower its fertilization

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considered educated imtil they have acquired at least three

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supplemented and aided by the labors of the hardy pioneers

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with much green foliage water running through the streets

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certain forms of l.ris ht s disease but there is noth

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solutely unknown now. 1 have therefore chosen to retain the original

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accepted the superintcndency of the Winnipeg General

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use frequent vomiting and if there is reason to apprehend

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peritonitis or the collapse supervening upon intra

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nis coi poribus agricultura sic meclichia cegris samtatem

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lessened tone of the intestinal wall. Because of the

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convenience and on behalf of the inhabitants but so that no

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without oil in the bagnio before a sweat comes on and

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tion of about 15 000 and 150 000 tourists annually

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skilled in the principles of hand treatment and able

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When a blow has been received upon the skull we must

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Often bad yet not so bad as has generally been sup

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nerves be indurated. And a cooling cataplasm must be

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stimulus in the morning the subject is on the road to ruin.

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ginning and then food should be given such as will not

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fcvhether we should use these vaccines promiscuous

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twenty per cent of cases occurrino in these individ

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how much valium can i safely give my dog

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acrid. When they are almost filled up birds and venison

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day. Wherefore it is most convenient to give food to the

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ing his ideas of what professional services are worth was read

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of the testicle can with the aid of other structures

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sufficient to reach astounding conclusions and led to

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tery enters the base of the tonsil at the junction of

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disease. It might be well if novelists when they write

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mal uterus reacts to ovarian influences by periodical

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a healthy. It is best to remove from a health place to a

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But if the distemper be what is called leucophlegmatia

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was no gallstone formation without bile stasis. In

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its place. When the whole is extracted the lips must be

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the urine twenty four hour specimen 2 050 c. c to have

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sel. Then in the depressed bone near the fissure we have

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you found it advisable to withhold during the menstrual

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cord. In considering the mydriatic effect of atropia upon the

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in the profession in this country is to some degree

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