attempted for the control of an animal disease communicable toyman.

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of the ijeriod allowed for completion of the process third arts and

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considerable material and large staflF of instructors must be avail

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lence therefore appears in many cases the direct consequence

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curve due to the pyrexia itself. For as the patient grows more

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cases this opinion holds good and as we have mentioned before

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upon the great losses of water through the kidneys. 1 Animal

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according to the general opinion of his contemporaries possesses

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Industry indicates that the Bureau of Animal Industry needs about

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readily seen from the table. A study of the complete data revealed

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will pardon us if pressure of work occasionally prevents us from

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physicians who registered at the last meeting only 52 registered

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this will be used by diabetics in the future on account of its

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that all the land grant commerce and business divisions do not have

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probably with a very different ultimate result upon other

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tion. This table nmrits tareful scrutiny. It will be observed that

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normal or abnormal quantity p. 956 and that too primarily

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Oregon Agricultural College and University of Minnesota were two

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uric acid and oxalates. For the rest more accurate quantitive

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water evacuated in the urine as well as in other ways as by

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original specialty in preference to a more or less satisfactory

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ger to life they are very effectual monitors to the imprudent

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wore a military cloak. They returned after a few days

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infiltrated with serum and small.hemorrhages the connective

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appealed to the god. The nature of this assistance

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Bulls that are taken within fall down and are dragged

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