ed much detritus and some pus. The resulting cavity was
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will also help in reaching the diagnosis. In the clin
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to those which have often been successful in a similar ma
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raising it well above his head and driving it into the
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pathological phase of this class of cases it is cer
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and it resembles a raisin stone in its form whence the
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this purpose be either oral or nasal. Dr. Quinlan believed the
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sclerosis may be prevented in adults if the catarrhal
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are cholecystitis in the absence of gallblad ier swell
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slow if cold or heat runs over the body if the skin grows
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recent and violent and especially an ardent fever in order
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eyelids were partly closed or the reverse more open
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twelve years but had no trouble to speak of till about ten
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XI. Remedies against a coldness of the extremities
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regions Mineral in north agricultural and coal in center
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reflexes might have been profitable. It is also to be re
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mile. Greater than the United States excluding Alaska
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to turpentine resin or old oil to litharge and the part
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markedly contracted and only visible near the disk while
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and the knee must suddenly be drawn towards the body
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this rise over the original fev r of 100 F. the day before
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lighter than those in the sand those in the sand than
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the dispensary class of patients other victims will
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travasations which were also present in the interior of the
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test. At present it seems that salvarsan alone ter
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rejected men of o is usual in such cases attributed the
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of administration together with the relative value of an
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facets acting as a broad fulcrum in case of each ver
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rate upon a broad piece of linen to keep them on. And
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four weeks duration three days flow moderate no pain.
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roneous by what our author says when he mentions this species again
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or of sterilized gauze to the vulva and have the pa
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quite as effective therapeutically as at any foreign
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and when another physician PhiHp of Epirus undertook
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but no exact information is at hand at this writing.
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