as the Pharmacopoeia directs. Of what good is it if we do not

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increased in consequence of the augmented absorption of water

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Many have sought to explain the process which follows the

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immobility of the hind legs. Hip muscles may be implicated

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cenary why my dear sir the motive instead of being this

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fenrollment. In no institution is there more than one unit in any

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Medical Director Norway Sanatorium etc. Indianapolis Indiana.

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The prognosis so far as life is concerned is therefore not

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but the carcass had been removed and sold before the agent s

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this was the sentiment of dozens of physicians to whom I had

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methods acquired while in college whether taught or developed

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First prevention of conception differs from abortion absolutely

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production together with the more or less artificial conditions

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in a week his headache was gone. He was kept on the remedy

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dition is developed as it occasionally is nervine medicines may

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ically inconsistent praising the work of the Council and at the

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knowledge on the normal functions and rational use of the generative

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open air the avoidance of excitement and the like. So soon as

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extention it is impossible for any large number of houses to be

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finds no exit wakes the child. The layer of collodion is easily

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readRgs the student will learn how to use the library effectively. From the

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our present knowledge to subordinate all the phenomena in

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Professional training Trainers of agricultural teachers have re

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which leads to a conclusion that individuals with a relaxed con

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iise high school standing as a means of selection seven use standing

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