Annual Report of the Board of Health of the Depart

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if immediately after exercise the blood pressure is

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of cancer then represents a loss of equilibrium be

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tient had fallen and struck upon his shoulder and was

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loss of health and the prevention and cure of sick

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toms that so often follow an injury to the head even

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the upper East River and Harlem division and to the

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sipelas. sometimes the ulcer is black because the flesh

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discovery or no mav cll be doubted but in anv case he

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have regarded this as responsible for the cyanosis

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eral oozing from whole tonsillar fossa after tonsillectomy

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cases they were clay colored. It is well known that

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to with the greatest care may appear from what I said be

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have never felt that in ridding the intestinal tube

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Bochefontaine and Roussy to the Acad mie des Sciences. The

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of sensation the skin a little farther ofF is inflamed.

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The general are such as indicate the collection of a fluid

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heats without intermission and these daily increase with

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any food he chuses only consulting the concoction. After

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and not as they were while he lived and thus the phy

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if bronchitis is present the sibilant breathing and

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memory at fault but the real reason is. not that he

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true bacillus as it is morphologically identical and

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lar urine yoided in very large quantities as is reg

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July 21 1910 after examination an ordinary plaster of

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In my brief stop at Guayaquil I arranged for a meeting of the

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edge no obligation to review them all. Nevertheless so

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away separately. This is done by a crotchet which re

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an incision in the top of the tumour and cure that also by

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is this G ther the early grapes thoroughly ripe and throw away what

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belonging to the Fatherland congratulate the social

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An effort is being made to secure an endowment fund

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sponding point on the left arm measured only nine and

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Martin J. M. Practical Electrotherapeutics and X Ray

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should reach from the base of the subway stairs t lt i

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sweating. He should not use a variety of food and by no

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four weeks before noticed that he could not keep still and that

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I love aljazeera, thanks for the website and the new discussions feature =)
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