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female organization which even in adult life resembles more closely that of the

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possibilities can l e avoided by using only healthy cows for milk

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peated doses for a toxic diarrhea in an old lady. The attending

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absence of renal disease albumen appears very rarely and only

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peculiar phenomena especially since as Kussmaul has shown

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One other item in Table IG deserves brief attention. Eigrhteen

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office if elected. This declaration should help to simplify mat

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other animals decreased dairy cattle were not similarly affected and

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teacher training activities within the institution will assi in ren

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which he has no knowledge except the most superficial dis

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functions by poisoning with arsenic phosphorus and the like

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pass before one succeeds in having the prescription filled. A

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The duration of progressive pernicious anaemia may vary as

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medical practice. Articles in the DMJ arc intended to be scientific and

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and yet another in the Pharmaceutical Era May 1894.

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because quite a number of cases have been observed in which

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probably had no particular tendency to polysarkia at first

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reduction of the quantity of the fat of the body. Nevertheless

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South Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas and

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medicines and detail men spend little time there. The same issue

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period of development the intensity and the nature of the sex

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t l ly to organize and arrange the wealth of validated material now

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as Binz justly remarks the administration of small doses recom

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another case on the contrary the disease after lasting several

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especially when it comes on after delivery. Upon the whole

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ment the Editor hereby declares unequivocally that under no

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of cocaine. In self defence against over zealous agitation the

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