empt from the evils of bad air. In instituting such comparisons

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their first appearance and in their abundance under similar

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Colorado River to the Mysterious Salton Sea. By George Whar

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Regarding other changes we have to mention that the liver

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excretion of sugar. It was known indeed to the older observ

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mental researches of Bernard and Eckhard both symptoms the

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mean that chlorosis is at all rare in women of dark complexion

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the apex and basal regions of the lung the liver the spleen and

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frankly confess that old school practice has come much nearer Jo

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all necessary that for the conversion of more material more

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quantity of fluid matter. Then he took down the body

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the relationships of all knowledge. Persjiective becomes essential to

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in people with good normal arterial tension it may cause split

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Needless to say consi rable redirection of emphasis in all the sub

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remedies has she discovered what great men has she produced

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of these cases lack of home influence or of careful medical super

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acute fatigue of the heart tricuspid insufficiency is often associated with functional

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usages of civilization so long will a certain proportion of indi

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A study of some of the European countries os compared with the

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healtli are only restored when natural fodder in an actively

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thoroughly washed out of the tissues partly because it is formed

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The service provisions of the buildings classrooms and labora

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this knowledge obtained from such a source did not this mother

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a rate structure that rewards doctors with good experience.

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of agriculture under the Smith Hughes system were trained in the

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teachers as for othe detailed accounts of the trends in the devel

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jects need not be specially mentioned here. We have already

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annually threw money into the lake of Curtius in fulfil

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tion for hysterectomy was the presence of a uterus. We have

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encies to afford rather narrow and tenuous information concerning

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departments of medicine or to the active interference of the

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