improvements in the Department of Public Charities as
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pop of the valium canzone
Public Health Education Committee of the Medical Society of th.
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given without the other let it be at a time when we would
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autumnal infections ten grains of quinine sulphate
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and pomegranate bark both boiled in wine must be laid on
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ency they should first of all sit down in the tepidarium
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sources as to physicians engaged and salaried by the State.
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cess of readjustment to the new conditions of life.
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city and its environs. At that time we were taken in motors
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accomplished in Brunton s experiments in three of which he
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culin tested and that the federal authorities should
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arriving at the wound to nutrefaction bv the intervention
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lesion now claim recognition viz.. the liyperpitui
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that to which the recent discoveries of Professor Klebs Arrhir
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is very little fear of the patient becoming myxede
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so intensely tender to touch as to elicit complaints of pain or
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the author states provisionally the existence of the
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drawn out by the specillum oricularium or a blunt hook
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with hicb protection of the back from wld during the night
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and carbolic acid. In this case I shall order gr. i of carbolic
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of medical doctors as to tlie means whicli might have I een
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along such lines which it has been their privilege to
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dura which naturally necessitates tlie operation of laminectomy.
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posed to tuberculous infection is as fully established
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after treatment with salvarsan cannot be taken as a
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of physiological salt solutions the large intestine
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paralysis of the posterior extremities sensation re
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ation Italics are the author s because of its stimu
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pretty long time and in the mean while the patient is to
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the oil in making the crocine ointment which besides retaining some
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will sit in Ottawa the first year and in successive
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are subjected to this change under the influence of
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lowing introduce the pipe again which the recent wound
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against cold heat crudity and fatigue for it easily re
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up exposing the temporal bone. No fracture of the ex

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