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give three or four cyathi of gruel while the fever still con

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remedies do not succeed the patient dies in the other

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sufficient only to abstain from wine a diminution of which

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Yellow Fever Foreign Brazil Jan. i Feb. 10 6 deaths

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only one half of one per cent of the total land area.

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defective teeth and had been the subject of considerable dental

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lightly classed among the hopeless neurotics. Rather

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when he may not give his opinion as to the cause of

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the neck has great facility of motion. And indeed it

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be acute or chronic not in those only that are always

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scholastic year and assume his new duties in October.

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As Dr. Mayo rose to speak he received an ovation from the

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its surfaces. The graft taken was about four inches by

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the atony of the respiratory muscles are periodical

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and Ureter as Estimated from Autopsy and Hospital Records.

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never with quite such dramatic effect as in the case

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While metabolic osteoarthritis is a definite and per

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