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arthritis and iritis and one iritis. From five million

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such a hurt be looked upon as contemptible because the

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cyclobenzaprine or valium

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there is a suppuration in the liver and the pain sometimes

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the eye lids also are pale and the same paleness discolours

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will operate to diminish intestinal putrefaction. An

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deepens rapidly to a port wine red. The reaction is

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in what manner they are to make use of them secondly

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and he could not work. On further medical advice he

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The blood examination during this period were as follows

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of a so called cancer specialist who evidently applied

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largest possible child which will pass through that

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with small and sharp irons run into the veins themselves

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mass was of brownish color and extended about two cen

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hard and inflated praecordia extracts bones and in fine

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tissues carefully avoiding important vascular struc

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interest to the North American traveler and several sea

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ence or do not mention it at all. There is scarcel

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public health matters. This is to include frequent confer

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necessary to protect themselves and others from the

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tive Mansion. Petropolis is a city of summer homes for the

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genuinely scientific character of medicine its vast prog

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When the bones happen not to unite because they have

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cially take diluted drinks sometimes use gargarisms. In

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or disregard of the natural clinical history of a dis

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then came down to normal and remained so. At the end of

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of cases due to some underlying disease of the mid

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Seymour Oppenheimer second vice president. Dr. Charles

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able one 4 further study of the radioactive waters

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the platform at one end of the room and received an enthusiastic

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complished. Before leaving the house the obstetrician

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convinced that acute appendicitis was the result of

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kinked. It is often entirely invested by peritoneum

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because they have i more systematic arrangement In most

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number of skilled technicians to operate them and returned to

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member at that time over nine years ago we felt rather

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under my care in 1876 you will see portions of the scalariform

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vomit and thus to empty the belly then on the following

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go into the bath and there he must ob erve v.hether

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based on thirteen cases of diarrhea treated by this

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On July 14th laparotomy was done at the German Hos

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