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approval of the medical section. The proper thing to do

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back of the woman s left thitrh. The steel bar firmly

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brought under the direct supervision of the surgeon

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say that upon the advice we give depends in a great measure

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A tentative diagnosis was made of thoracic tumor near

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structed flow in deep tidal channels. Points of out

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dose of tuberculin required in the individual case by

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gimen above prescribed being followed the day is to be

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that bacteria of various sorts appear in the circu

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George V. arrived in New York on Friday March 29th.

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beginnings of scientific investigations in the fifteenth cen

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fectly aware of the fact that there are cases where

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The earlier cases of this series had other treatment at the same

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chexiaf where the habit of the body is bad and therefore

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gias also and Sostratus the two Herons and the two A

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public schools. The Public Education Association under

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mann s reaction in the light of about 4.000 carefully ob

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lustrates the usual type of pure gallbladder calculi

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tions or aporrhoeas of mixt bodies especially such as arc

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the infection manifests itself in a highly virulent

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which is the only one we have. Between the sound and

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but are of general biological significance. The importance

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handed down to posterity for their benefit that they may

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are able to engage in the ordinary occupations of life and are

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Others anoint them with escharotic medicines mixed with

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In the nose both the bone and the cartihige are liable to

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the former is the meal of lentils with honey or myrrh with

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ingly the waiting for the appearance of bacilli. In

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