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College of Physicians of London and the Royal College of

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position and for this reason it cannot be made into pills with

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TQOo states that cancer develops in thirty per cent

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dividual operator. Generally speaking isolated subserous

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He gave from three to ten grains three times daily

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treatment. Having a large practice he is frequently called out

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Watkins and me for a ride. It was a well chosen itinerary as

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stage of those cases where counter irritation would be necessary.

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considered that plaintiff still regarded the witness

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value of the operation does not stop at a better gait

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are many other methods but none of them has been more

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weight. The diagnosis was perniciotis anemia. Within

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conditions which become undoubted factors in the production of

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A RICA our first port in Chile is guarded by the great Mono

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the children were under the constant observation of

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rocks or curling away up on a slanting beach. The town

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ical experience and surgical ability to practise and

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course then to apply his hand to his wrist. Now if the

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It is highly probable that ail volatile oils act as

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ally distinctly tortuous. Jn Baquis s case saccular

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medical profession of Brazil Do you realize that the Panama

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iqio abstract in Journal of the American Medical Association.

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realize that what he had said and done was not like him

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as to the time of the remission for even in this kind of

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