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In 1899 Faure reported a case of division of posterior roots for

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is not 6asy to prognosticate what is to happen. With rea

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Martin Director General of the American College of Surgeons

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scriptions are clear and accurate the appropriate treatment

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Imt the anterior layers of this membrane were thick

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not be had it is necessary to sup a little pure wine with

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more tender and never exposed to the light itself are

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J. Parker Syms Transperitoneal Operations on the Bladder.

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fluorescent substance such as esculin or fluorescein

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bring one or another vertebra to the lowermost level

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care being taken that neither the instrument come to the

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Before operation tlie slightest probing or sponging caused

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as well as mental requirements for medical students

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expenditure in construction and equipment which has been

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prevent an inflammation and then the eye be bound up.

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and not merely as an act of neighborly kindness. It

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altered and recovers its permeability when liberated

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for two months. When he regarded a green curtain at

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Strong alkaline saline two glasses half hour before

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nate as to attend the camp of instruction at Antietam in

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composed the follownig No. VI. according to the division of Celsus

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was in a measure responsible. If all were well when

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like structure it is necessary to cut a dart in the

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color of blooming flower. At intervals little tunnels had been

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clouds composed as it were of particles of bran. Thin

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but in the other way it is drawn into that very place which

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few days as did the coaling of the tongue. The consti

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during her stay in the Hospital. At first a suspicion of Tuber

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by it it could not set up the falsity of the statement in

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and separate departments of the College each with its in

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the intervals he spoke naturally and asked his brother to

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that offends the stomach it should be omitted and so

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never missed a day s work and never took a vacation. His

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in the part where the pupil is there is a void space then

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and amicable coefhciency of the vitriol. The same should

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members speaking on the subject. It was very properly reles.

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tween the edges of their beds and that part of the covering

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There can be no doubt that the after care and train

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years however are spent on physics and chemistry studies

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