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In the midst of his hilarity a figure more startling
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was a gradual change in the attitude of the courts upon
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marked with certain spots of all colours if the belly is
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fitness for promotion to the grade of Passed Assistant
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believed doubtless rightly to have derived from it.
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this cannot be our author s meaning I have followed in the translation
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easily enough cured by goat s gall or the best honey.
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Czerny Langstein Finkelstein and Meyer are ably sum
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ing to rub again to chew mustard and at the same time
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must be poured upon them now and then more frequent
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ruler of men and prays for the success of his minis
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by its use were not appreciated till almost a quarter
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poraries had he not happened to be mentioned by Pliny.
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obstipation. The history in these cases is that the
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J. Henry Sewali Bimanual Palpatory Percussion Apparently a
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and hot and every thing glutinous amongst which flesh
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sixteenth day after menstruation. There are numerous
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Halifax on the morning of the first day of the meeting and can
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like those of salvarsan. It is very reasonable that
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who although possessed of great scholarship are never
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It is perfectly possible for a suggestion to be the
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a sloughj are to be used although most of these stop
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about one eighth of the regular physicians practis
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joints attended with stiffness or entire loss of n o
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tary establishment. Its effect has been to increase
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the larger any animal is so much the stronger food it is.
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fected and for the first time it was possible to ascertain
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serum were injected convulsions taking place at the
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continue the work of eradication and it is hoped that yellow
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to sleep the less likely it is to do so. We must train
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books and pamphlets. Dr. Ramos is proud of this librax r suid
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possible at the groin the innermost one a little lower.
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Ancon Hospital on the western coast accommodate five hundred
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the wind pipe being hard and cartilaginous is prominent
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tuberculosis clinics country sanatorium for incipient
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idity and tenderness. The temperature was at first Imt
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whom the iapplication for a health certificate is made
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towns having 5000 inhabitants and upwards and in 19 towns of
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in campaign and be able when the time comes to appre
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maternity patients and Dr. Briquet does the operatmg that
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In the right upper extremity there was a certain degree
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ity. No free fat was found in the stools but split fats
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result from it. When we have studied a sufficiently

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