When the public hear of these tilings they think that of
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extensively spoken. In most of the secondary schools English
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hospital has a training school for about forty nurses drawn
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IX. The operation necessary in a want of substance in the
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of the spine cannot teem with practical points in the treat
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in attendance on the out door physicians and on them only. This
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has a therapeutical influence upon an experimental
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There is a redness and above that pustules rise not very
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showed no evidence or history of syphilis. The mother
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to advice to locate and estimate the gravity of the
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tum which on the lower part is smooth and contracted
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ous. He insisted that this case came within the principle
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is to let a little blood from both legs near the ancle to
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very general way and asked me many questions bearing upon
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it a clyster must be given now and then exercise must
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Ui pairs it. Soldiers are required by the special con
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ing is that the crystallized professional opinion in
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quent diluted drinks for a vomit to be serviceable and the
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circular disposition but lie in bundles which inter
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practice did constitute a waiver of the statute and permit
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ent rubber tube being attached to a hot water faucet and allowing
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ovum is susceptible to influence through the action
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by itself and is never put in njotion but w ith the whole
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tion while the patient is under ether narcosis is apt
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suture through all its coats one peritoneal flap is
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walls of the vessels i c to an hereditary syphilitic
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iiuf das Auge j s. s3i 5. Centralblatt fiir Chirurgie xxxv
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sian literature scarlet fever developed in sixty eight
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The illustrations are usually well selected and distinct.
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removed. Then it is proper to use friction to the limb
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for duty and by letter to the commanding general of
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tion was fully explained to the patient but his condition
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tion revealed an acute Pott s disease of the spine with a
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Andrew Carnegie had ofifered 10 000 toward the 150.
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from a transfusion of the blood into the arteries and that
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When these are confirmed the thread is taken out and a
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one of these is more successful and in others another.
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