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escence to act upon a photographic plate and to ion
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substitute of valium
At last however one comes upon reality. Masses of trop
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and more especially lead given to me at short intervals. If
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other but it is interesting that no cases of the dis
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combined the result is generally a qualitative alge
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volunus. The larger part of the yoUime is devoted to that
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the cavity of its contents at once to prevent the permanent
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gastric neurosis I do not wish to create the impres
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work the author calling attention to the fact that such
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more or less regularly as an article of diet mostl
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creted into the urine probably dwell largely in the
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patient for gastric neurosis you should keep on the
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vity behind. If this happens above the septum the hands
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nerves of the temples. This is according to the reading of Linden and
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sertion of vital heat introduced maketh the same wholly
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cm. estimated occipitofrontal 12 om. Delivered after a
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gery since his graduation in 1872 and has been visiting
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trying hours in the climate of Peru and other tropical countries
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The remaining part of the cure is the same as in the
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those cases in which that organ is dilated is a plan of treatment
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Liberty. As we waved farewell to the Palisades with their
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these gruels and light food must be used sometimes also
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should be done in the hospital itself. It is possible
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are against the syphilitic nature of leucoplakia for
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water. In other instances castor oil from half to one
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this case. Two years ago this man fell into the hands
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the patient s eyes swell and are distended with pain it is
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cepted without reserve. The cases reported negative
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officer. Dr. de Castro he in turn sitting at the right of the
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for the several kinds of weapons which I shall immediate
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of time help and appliances on the part of the general prac
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not yet found themselves and it is those we wish to
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tion usually cleared up in a few days with or with
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T llli nihil nisi cacoethes potest rellqna curationilus irrilantur et quo major
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sis or ionic surgery in selected cases of these af
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Petropolis where are located most of the summer resi
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from Callao to Lima and become the guests of the Society at
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bably be compelled to return to this fruitful subject of lectur
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port. A large meeting was held under the auspices of
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reasonable rules and regulations as such department bu
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State board of medical examiners for which he shall pay
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back across a bed in such a posture that her ilia may bs
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seem sufficient for every State turning its maritime
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seals will cost one cent each and will be put on letters
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On January 29 1921 we again sailed from New York on
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fever continues and the suppuration being pretty deep
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wound esta1 lishing an inguinal anus. The patient was
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ninety five per cent of all the trouble encountered and

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