The title of this paper is rather misleading in that

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a staff. If forward the leg cannot be bent and being ex

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of such evil situations as faulty quarantine was apt

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scious but as he bit at the sight of water his eyes were

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it a practice to examine this muscle in such cases.

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ceeding a httle beyond the region of the ribs into the ab

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These compresses were daily renewed until August 28th

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apex behind. In the rest of the lung the breathing is loud

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the Greeks otherwise they would not have bestowed so many enco

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ments in his breath or if the stools appear corrupted or

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hospitals of Guayaquil. The hospitals of Guayaquil are of

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to ride on horseback. Now all pains of this kind when

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physiological salt solution after bleeding while it

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conditions mentioned in the paper he did not believe

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jected with red lead. Operative and subsequent treatment

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one. which contained staphylococci in pure culture.

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author s chiefly useful where there is a great flux of gum

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feeling that the assertions of Guttmann were too sweeping. That

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Monkeys and the Human Female. Transactions of the Obstetrical

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ciate what Major Straub has emphasized and printed in

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Marked spasm of erector spins muscles and limitation of

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showed an entire alisence of any lack of skill or negli

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normally short in length and its elasticity being ex

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bandaging so far I am admirably satisfied with the results.

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to be lax that it may cover the bone as much as possible

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to state that a true peritonitis has not been estab

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me. I was able to stop the bleeding with it when the

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teachers over the State write this school almost daily

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in difierent parts of the city centering in one hospital which

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at this time the complete bacteriological examination

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conference and also to consider the question of the

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terior surface in a groove for its reception in the

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sleep. Sometimes a shuddering or fever comes on or both.

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the intelligent patient himself e.ery good citizen

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an assistant so as to prevent its coming out at the

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it must be extracted by a vulsella and when the inflam

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inject a few c.c. of novocaine solution and with the needle

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First of all it is necessary to know that sick people some

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Alexis V. Moschcowitz The Question of Transplantation ot

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casion of greeting the new battle ship was Dr. Alberto

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as a bad symptom in those parts and because it corresponds better with

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the Persian rushing upon his father to kill him fear and

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Presently we filed into the large assembly room of the school

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