as the pain has remitted but more care ought to be taken
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to add warming medicines to the oil for friction before
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medical life in many novels are to the initiated ob
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and Linden Post hac cibo pleniore quam ex operum consududine. The
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ment. Now a disease in the pectoral bone is far the most
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distressed at once with a delirium and difficulty of breath
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pass around the Plate illustrating his paper. It is in fact a
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coolers must be applied. If the disease is not stopped by
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river traverses some interesting towns and passes many
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Moved by Dr. Gibson seconded by Dr. Prevost that in
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veins in the scrotum also are inflated if we press upon it
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way lay via Rio Blanco and repeated the journey of Monday.
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also place a big piece of sterile cotton in front of the
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lateral wall for about one inch. I cut partly through the
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times as may be necessary at the Marine Hospital office.
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interval of his absence from the department and un
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It is a custom in the medical school of Brazil. The graduation
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noon the patient had attacks of muscular contraction of
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registrar of the university that such person is duly
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gan to rise again first to 100 then to 101.6 F. then
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Medical Monographs edited by Dr. Leonard Hill and Dr.

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