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impossible unless a radical change is made in their

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must be treated sometimes by abstinence sometimes also

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if rest thirst and fasting be strictly enjoined. But if the

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instituted when foreign bodies have been carried into the pleural

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XXIV. Of the diseases of the joints of the hands and feet

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denal obstruction. There is early rigidity and dis

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stopped. If that happens all drink must immediately be

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public places with paperr. and boxes or householders and

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What is the diagnosis Again a hundred voices respond

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ticity of the bones and mobility of the joints has the

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undercorrection. a mydriatic is used and the proper

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name is to be found upon the Provincial Register and he stated

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fant deaths occurred during the first month of hfc.

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with any particulars of his life nor can we even deter

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much space in which to exercise with comfortable chairs with

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and three sisters living and well. One sister died from

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enucleation of the tonsil under local anesthesia. In

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of germs escape into any of the surrounding tissues

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true bacillus as it is morphologically identical and

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classified making a total of 3 154 medical students

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plaster across the pelvis applied to prevent any undue

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with a distinct change in the color of the blood it

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mounted the platform with the privilege of illustrating by

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In more than sixty per cent of the patients suffer

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the responsibility for the morale and discipline of

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pose of the cough is to bring out audible fine crepi

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carotid beat more vigorously than its fellow of the opposite side.

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