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side and dullness over the greater part of his lung. The diagnosis

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the insanity of a criminal basing it on the fact that

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should be plentiful and varied of good juices and such as

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prove salutary or when the patient considering the time

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mOes or more on a long curving beach almost as hard as

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local reactions produced before and after intraven

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any parts of the bone that wound the flesh must be cut

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men whose time is near are in danger of a miscarriage

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lated to right of inedian line and downward tender to

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with a bistoury on a director and afterwards the two lateral

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mental diseases to be given at the Kings County Hospital

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or the posterior blade of a bivalve speculum and. finally

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patient suffering from a condition similar to that of

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The following gentlemen submitted to the professional exami

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of sex. Sex control is an intricate subject one that has

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F. and the radial pulse rapid soft and intermittent.

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come on then are more mild and sooner removed. That

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on alternate Wednesday evenings and Thursday after

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eral belief however that aloes exerts some specific

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was occupying the President s box close to which were our

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University and saw several operations by Dr. Alfredo Navarro

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the mouth. It would be impossible to attempt in the space at

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toms have ensued. With regard to others virgins are the

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associations are not always studied with the care which

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ly the occurrence of definite differences in strains

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The people of Brazil are a composite of races upon which a

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transitional 1.3 per cent large lymphocytes 14.5 per cent

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inasmuch as the American College of Surgeons was now Pan

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is extensive. In Brazil the primary schooling is three years in

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puzzled over these things alone or have gone to bad

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self into the f ucstion of determination of the age

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I. IlARVty Sutton The Feeble Minded Their Cla. sification and

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dence. Thus in zinc ionization of epithelioma we are told

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versity of Wisconsin has completed a series of six lectures

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and w hen it is opened a mucous ulceration is found with

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tian then Praxagoras and Chrysippus after these. He

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which is the commonly accepted one is that the cel

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the heart and blood of the stomach intestines and liver

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publish. All papers contributed become the property of

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superficial parts of the body the oiganisnis do not

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is more far reaching in its results than in the male.

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lieved that the statistics of recoveries after opera

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