reaction and that we may still continue to disinfect
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the closer affiliation of our professional life. This conception
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J. Lhermite and B. Klarfeld Real Structure of the Cranial
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boiled serves fot a medicine. Wine ought to be taken
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As to medicine it is of great moment that the bowels be
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completely established Chagas disease identifying the germ
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to Fort Benjamin Harrison Ind. relieved from duty at
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after sleep or there be frequent sneezings some disorder
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second day some of the gentlest of those things that ge
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where rapidity of action or concentration of treat
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coliection of humours may be more easily discussed. The
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of internal diseases and nervous affections has been ap
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aged sixty years. Moore. In Philadelphia on Monday
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Ointment the formula for which varies at the different hospi
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present it is usually due to an irritable pharvnx or
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society gave an official dinner that was attended by about
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r.sed alcoholic injections in the treatment of con
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pens sometimes from being thunderstruck sometimes from
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mixing valium and demerol
valium as anticonvulsant
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lal yrinth more irritable than the right. Bone conduction
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cyanosis. On Novemljer 29 lycjy the jiatient wlio was
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that there is a diminution of the hydrochloric secre
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Microscopically the testicle was found to be 7.5 cubic
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overcome by a statute subsequently passed which requires
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times it destroys the senses so as to occasion their falling
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the reader from falling into the hands of any of the va
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English and yet they are very conversant with our literature.
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sufficiently conclusive to warrant the opinion that
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v. hich can be readily taken up for frequent cleans
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the seventeen pages devoted to it we find bovine piroplas
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calculi studied. At this time it is proposed to sub
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health except by one who uses to be long and severely
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which he sucked and soon after he drank an ounce of
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geon in the United States Navy from January 26 1912.
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the influence of the sun and the bath and exercise and
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discharge in ten days during which the ear was being ir
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Medical Corps. Granted two months leave of absence.
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The oldest Refractory was say twenty youngest Refrac
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ceps of the arm and the quadriceps of the thigh are
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greatest ease is found in thin women with flat pelves
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there to confer with the American consular officers
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strength because the jjreatest danger arises from w eak
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ternal skin at the same time. Of that kind that breaks
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ment of digestive disturbances and was found in the
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blood cultures from the ear at certain intervals in
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is to let a little blood from both legs near the ancle to
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disease occurring during the first few weeks of life
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possible was done by both the government and the medical
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tid and discharges blood it ought to be washed with te
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it is thin but at a distance from it something thicker and
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sequelae. He believed that we should consider acute
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in the resistance of the red cells to the action of co
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and sudden discharge of the belly like black blood whether

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