sugar in the arrangement of its elements and very readily

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nature of the relationships between the Federal Board for Vocational

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college year 1928 29 as reported by the deans and compiled by Dean

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ences also in the reaction of the saliva from the submaxillary

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Higher business education is used in this sense of training on post

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epizootic articular rheumatism has been reported among goats.

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prospect of a result. Even now they are of the utmost sig

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published before he had completed his experiments. He there

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than in others although full statistics in regard to this point are

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and Damian a waxen offering and recovered his health.

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nution of the cutaneous transpiration consisting chiefly of

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prevent a healthy woman when pregnant from losing her health

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may be greatly aggravated by the development of a chlorotic

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would appear to be the ideal anesthetic for field use and emergency

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the inestimable value of intestinal antisepsis in numerous diseases

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of total hours allotted to various sulijects. For example bacteri

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pews McCurdy s and Rogerses is a creature of deception fraud

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no change in the gross appearance of the kidneys the microscope

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power to six ntaneous or experimental infections which lasts

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have to deal with a general lesion of the function of nutrition.

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Some of the difficulties occasionally mentioned are Insufficient provisions

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time without loathing and in the second place the digestive

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or is there not a closer connection For my own part I think

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I consider it the most important problem affecting the wel

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catalogues and in their answ ers to the plestionnaire on business edu

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wliat standards are possible when student teachers do YO per cent

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cant therefore that the University of Arkansas and South Dakota

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ity of the attendant dyspepsia will render us cautious as to

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the deified heroes known as chthonian gods that were

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Follow up. letters were sent to the institutions which indicated that

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the fire box of the boiler and burned. The selection of such a

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is not since few states as yet have any restrictive local regula

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produced in miniature in guinea pigs. The loss of hair and

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ferent workers what may we expect from the ordinary chemists

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