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cluding Polonia and some of the Balkan states. It was first

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fully carry agglutinins in their blood which clump the Bacillus

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And woe to the manufacturer who gives a false formula or

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tioned other derangements of the taste due to digestive disturb

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tions of the heart repeatedly observed in these cases the fre

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neoplasm called tubercle might however be very well combined with the

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existence of only a superficial affection of the bone or of exten

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ticular conditions and it is certainly by no means superfluous

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and who can see nothing outside the field under his microscope or

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a certain number of cases the drug has really diminished the

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freshmen at Iowa State College who have been enrolled from Iowa

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of body to take their meat and drink cold the latter in small

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ment is needed in di.seases of horses and poultry. Several factors

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in the discovery of anesthetics antiseptics and antitoxin it is

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right. To say that the reading pages have nothing to do with

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haustible well of optimism with a belief that the world is all

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Dear Sirs Enclosed find 1.00. Enjoy reading your little

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the Morrill Act in commerce and business is shown by the answers

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is often present. Pain is manifest as in other animals and lying

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a healthy person though followed by an increased elimination

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travagant and impossible claims in exploitation it is primarily op

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By the inclusion of military science and tactics in their curricula

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druggists in every way possible. Burnham s Soluble Iodine is

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of your own lives and characters and help to make them known

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hours required in professional education is never less than the

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distinction between chlorosis and anaemia. Whereas in ordinary

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ing for it and to perform a multitude of other procedures

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