American eterinary College whose privilege it was to conduct

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and brilliant lecturer the idea was impressed upon his hearers

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staff actually participated in the professional activities of the train

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in commerce and business. The replies to these letters are extremely

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since these changes border upon the physiological state and

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she has begun to menstruate the first appearance of the menses

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For the first time in the sixteen year history of the

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of Megaspelaion from the huge cavern in which it is

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place so much water escapes with the sensible excreta particu

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Advb e in the formulation er revision of entrance requirements

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it and make matters worse. Zinc sulphate 4 grs. to water

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the older universities but they weie generally of the lecture and text

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nervous system assumes the character of an independent sequela

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Poultry in.the rmted States increased from 280.341 000 in 1910 to

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different forms of anaemia and attains very various degrees of

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schools the of subject matter developed by research and

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ment of chlorosis at puberty retards the establishment of men

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inntlon involves n great deal of efTorjUaml accomplislies no puniose. A lUit

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measures of treating diseases like small pox let alone the acts to prevent

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dulges in illicit intercourse deserves no sympathy and no pro

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stances of infection with syphilis by leeches that had been previ

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other accident frequently present. Now we can easily under

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ing with Ettmueller about 1680 dependent upon a supposed

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in a moist or dry state. Scrapings from cultures of this

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without it grows thrives and develops before his sexual func

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and sleep round the shrines in the church. Every year

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from a treatment directed to these complaints and in hysteria

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Atony of the digestive organs is as common in chlorosis as it

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two great men came and lo everything assumed a different as

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oedema from analogous appearances in the course of other dis

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work are legitimate activities of the practice period and in some

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well as diabetes mellitus as due to vaso motor derangements

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That s just it Dr. Tilden. Right or wrong you must main

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Field office 4 North Park Drive Hunt Valley Maryland 21030

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zine than any other periodical. The magazine with the next largest

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of food be taken up. It is manifest that this circumstance is

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