Forman Skultety Godfrey Blackstone Bacik McGinley Potter amp Dimitriou Thank you for
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help. The effort is repaid if one boy or girl is thereby saved
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impulse toward her. She becomes to him a type of the Hu
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Agricultural College of Utah however report that they have not
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garden cannot leave them much leisure for becoming sicklied
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glycogen wholly disappears from the liver and in dogs as many
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regular college terms. Thirty four institutions reported their
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years ago or who would refuse to employ in his operations any
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sarily from a shortage of trainees because of their dependence upon
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One might as well put old Dr. Grindle whose alluring adver
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increase of money. Increases largely cared for by larger classes.
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disks oligocythemia in the narrower sense of the term or to a
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tutional authorities have learned to appreciate their mutual prob
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stance that in the majority of observed cases no cause whatever
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Many States have gone far beyond the original program set up for
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to the different etiology of particular cases and the different
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caused the foundation of communities and a semblance of social
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The theoretical pharmacologist has been telling us that the
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ing the general nervousness. 2 In uterine dysmenorrhea the
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Bernhardt and Remak of Berlin Frank Hochwart of Vienna
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asset. The natuiv and variety of the work on the whole demands
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One of these institutions checked the results as satisfactory one
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regards the stream of fat flowing into the body with the stream
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On the other hand it was urged that institutions which had superior
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is instrumental in bringing about a fatal termination.
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establishments is to magnify the pedagogue and to keep the pupil
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girl who protested loudly at being precipitated so unceremoni
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stances were placed in sterilized cages and kept for at least 14
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from personal experience and not from what Dr. Landis another

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